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We specialize in Home Improvement and         Remodel services Custom Projects 
Our Mission is to rebuild the community by providing the lost art of home Improvement services to those in need. We service North Carolina and South Carolina surrounding areas and pride ourselves on A+ customer service and 5 star project fulfillment. Join Us!
We have different types of repairing &
maintenance services

Kitchen Remodeling

The de-facto gathering place of many homes, the kitchen is one of the most important features of any house. A kitchen remodel can transform a kitchen into a more versatile area perfect for cooking meals, entertaining friends and family, and bringing people together.  

                                            Bathroom Remodeling

While bathrooms might not have the same social appeal as kitchens, they are no less functional or important to any household. Bathrooms can be designed in a number of layouts and styles to make them for functional and comfortable to those using them.


                                          Basement Remodeling

While many people think of basements as dark, uninhabited areas used only for storage, the truth is that a basement can serve as much more. A dark, dusty basement can be transformed into a cozy den, lounge, wine cellar, or study room.


                                                    Garage Remodeling

While many garages are used for storing parked cars, like basements, garages can be redesigned for many other purposes.


                                              Home Exterior Remodeling

First impressions are important. Remodeling the outside of your home is a great way to reflect your taste and style to the rest of of the world. Nobody wants their home to be the ‘ugly duckling’ on the block. Home design experts can transform your roof, patio, porch, deck, or landscape.


                                                        Patio Remodeling

Whether you’d like to add a patio to your home or want to renovate your existing one, a home design and construction can help. Patios should be open, fun areas to lounge and enjoy a drink or meal when the weather is nice.  


                                                     Porch Remodeling

Much like patios, porches can be a fun––and functional––addition to your home’s exterior. Porches can be designed in so many styles using many different construction materials.


                                                         Deck Remodeling

The terms “deck” and “patio” are often used interchangeably, yet they are not the same. While patios are built at ground level, decks are raised platforms. A home design and remodel company can build a deck for your home or reshuffle your existing one.


                                               Landscape Remodeling

A landscape remodel can completely transform the look and feel of your yard area. A plain lawn area can be redesigned to feature things like walking paths, fountains, ponds, gardens, canopies, and more.

                                                       Concrete Driveway 


Interior Paint and 3D walls jobs


Power Washing

Gutter Cleaning

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Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

Small and Large Handyman Repairs


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