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We specialize in Home Improvement and         Remodel services! (Custom Projects)
Our Mission is to rebuild our community by providing the lost art of home Improvement services to those in need. We service North Carolina, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on A+ customer service and 5 star project fulfillment. Book your FREE estimate today!
blueprints for your vision
Our Services

Full/Partial Remodels 

Improving your home is no easy task when your contractor can't see the vision. So, we stand out by drawing up your vision to ensure we get it right. Then, we work diligently to provide quick and quality service. Our partial and full remodels include but are not limited to kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage, exterior of your home or business, patio/awning, landscape, and so much more. We even offer custom projects. 

               Home Improvements

Are you interested in adding wallpaper to a room, a few shelves, customizing your closet space, putting up cameras around your home or adding flowers to your front lawn? Well, we are the experts and can get this completed for you. No job is too big, and no project is too small. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance services start at $50 an hour. We repair faucets, tubs, microwaves, porches, and leveling of patios.

Custom Projects

Customizing your project is easy for us. Our specialty is fireplaces, closets, installing appliances, hanging TVs and accent walls. A custom project can be categorized as a tiny home too. Call us today to get clarity on your job. 

Small/Large Builds

Are you an investor looking for a contractor to build your next home or shed? We have the manpower to get it done. 



Floorplans for bui;ding
Remodels and repairs
custom accent walls

Interior Paint and 3D walls jobs

landscaping is a passion

Power Washing

Gutter Cleaning

we service North and South Carolina
custom fireplaces, (wood, gas, electric)
Black owned business

Small and Large Handyman Repairs

floorplans and blueprints for your build up
We are the solutions provider for all home services
Bonded, Licensed, Insured!!

Get amazing handyman service in 4 simple steps 

we work with all people and build up our community
Choose a service
Choose your service from the list above. Do you need a remodel, build up, home improvement or repair?
We have contractors licensed in electrical, carpentry, masonry, flooring, and plumbing
Step 3
Handyman at Work
We will begin working the SAME WEEK. Every job is given an estimate of about how many days it will take to complete.
Get a free quote
Give us a call or send us a text to schedule your FREE estimate. Estimates are available same day or within 48hrs of request.
Step 4
Work in progress
we work together as a team
Step 1
Our estimates are Free
Step 2

We are skilled at quality and quick work. As we work, we keep you up to date on the process.

Your work is always completed on time.
Step 5
Your job done!
After the job is completed, you are not required to pay the final invoice until it is to your liking!! 
We offer financing
Step 6
We Offer Financing on all Projects
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